Habitat version of a Sitecore Reference Storefront published on GitHub

Our port of Sitecore Reference Storefront finally passed all internal checks and got open sourced on EPAM’s GitHub account right before Sitecore SYM 2016.

Habitat version of a Sitecore Reference Storefront on GitHub

Fell free to dig in and answer your questions in comments, social networks or in person during the Symposium (you will be able to find near an EPAM booth during breaks)

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Sitecore Catalog Feature for Habitat


As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’m this one is going to be dedicated for one of the features. I think that it make sense to start from a catalog, as an e-commerce implementation will heavily rely on products information all over the site.

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Sitecore Catalog Feature for Habitat

Mapping Sitecore StoreFront to Habitat

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my team and I are working on Sitecore Commerce StoreFront migration to Sitecore Habitat.

Before we actually moved to code itself, we dug into codebases of both projects to review their “as-is” implementation and we decided to come up with a plan on how to go to map functionality to Habitat so that it would comply with the principles it suggests. And here is what we found out and came up with. Continue reading “Mapping Sitecore StoreFront to Habitat”

Mapping Sitecore StoreFront to Habitat

Inception: Sitecore Storefront to Habitat Migrating

Sitecore is quite a hot topic at in our company. We have a lot of impressive initiatives going on: platform education programs, an optimization of project implementation approaches, formalization of development best practices, various accelerators from project starter kits to integration external systems covering different aspects of digital marketing and commerce, just investigation of new technologies and their potential applications to Sitecore. Beeing an R&D solution architect in Digital Engagement practice, I’m fortunate to be in the middle of those activities.

One of my projects now is an exploration of Sitecore Commerce and StoreFront as it’s reference implementation. About a year ago I’ve touched it a bit during hybris integration POC, unfortunately, that time it didn’t go any further than that. So now it’s time to get back to Sitecore Commerce Connect module.

To make this exploration more interesting we also decided to add to the mix Sitecore Habitat and apply principles and techniques that it defines and promote to a simple commerce implementation.

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Inception: Sitecore Storefront to Habitat Migrating